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The Brothers of ΣAE at Purdue are always looking to recruit their next class of True Gentleman. COVID-19 changed recruitment in 2020 and 2021. So, recruiting is virtual.

Questions and/or recommendations regarding recruitment can be directed to our recruitment chairmen Reuben Trane (515-802-5235) or Tyler Metzinger (574-527-1169) at

Watch our online video and read our recruitment brochure to see how we lead at Purdue. Then, we’d like to meet you using online video for you to talk with brothers and ask questions. COVID-19 changed things, but you’ll see how ΣAE with the largest membership on campus has thrived at Purdue for 127 years in spite of pandemics, wars, and political turmoil.

You’ll like it at ΣAE.

COVID-19 forced Purdue to mandate virtual rush for fraternities and sororities. ΣAE Purdue is complying, so we urge you to watch our video, then contact us via phone, text, or email so we can arrange a virtual info session with you.

Recruitment Video

Recruitment Brochure


"SAE contributed enormously to who I am today, I always carry a copy of the True Gentlemen with me."
‐ Wayne McIntyre ’64


Recent Donors

  • Michael J. Rowley ’91
  • Robert R. Detardo ’82
  • Donald L. Fatzinger ’69
  • Ken Schaefer ’63
  • Ron Martin ’60

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